Radon Mitigation Services

What is radon mitigation?

Quite simply, it is the professional reduction of radon, a type-A carcinogen.

When you need mitigation, you have options. The most common is SSD (Sub-Slab Depressurization), also sometimes called ASD (Active Soil Depressurization). It consists of a continuously running fan with piping through a hole in the foundation slab, sump pit or crawl space. It is extremely effective and only costs pennies a day to operate.

In some cases SSD is not possible — fortunately, we at Reliable Radon are proficient in ALL mitigation techniques. We guarantee to get your property below the EPA level of 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter). In most homes, we reduce the level to below 1 pCi/L.*

Reliable Radon’s mitigation services are designed to ensure the health and safety of homeowners while being non-intrusive and affordable. To receive a free quote and/or consultation, please contact Reliable Radon today via our web form or by calling us directly at 314-723-6789.

* There is no such thing as a 0 level. The outside air is generally 0.6 pCi/L.

Reliable Radon provides radon services for properties throughout Missouri and soon Illinois.

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