Radon Testing

Testing is the only way to determine if your home has an unsafe level of radon. When elevated radon is confirmed, the problem needs to be corrected immediately through radon mitigation. Testing and mitigation should only be done by a certified professional.

All homes can have a hazardous level of radon. This is especially important to consider when buying a new home and will likely be required when selling your home.

Everyone should test their homes for radon, but often, testing occurs as the results of a real estate transaction. New Homes, old homes, slabs, or crawl space — it does not matter because radon can seep into any type of house construction.

Radon testing will determine the need for mitigation. If an elevated level is found, then professional resolution options will be offered, usually that means radon mitigation. To receive a free quote and consultation, we encourage you to contact our experts today via our web form or call us directly at 314-723-6789.

Reliable Radon provides radon services for properties throughout Missouri and soon Illinois.

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